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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Write Yourself an Abundance Check!

The Law Of Attraction (LOA) is the most wonderful "Law" in the entire world. There are many different parts of that law. People call them the "forgotten laws". Many people have read the book The Secret, that is what started this positive journey in my life. I want to share the Law of Abundance because it is a powerful law that is around you all the time, and the possibilities are endless!

The Law of Abundance is a law I do not hear people talking about or discussing much. In general, the Law of Abundance is that our universe is always growing, getting bigger, and thriving in a continuous cycle of plenty. There is no limitation that is seen on earth.

The Chinese Law of Abundance involves writing an abundance check. I have been doing this every month for approximately a year, and it has worked! You actually write a check to help you "see" your financial goal. If you google Law of Abundance, the general rule of writing the check to manifest your abundance is to complete this check within 24 hours of the new moon (check your calendar).

Here are the steps to writing an abundance check: 1. Take a check out of your checkbook, or create your own "check", or print one out here (from "The Secret" web site).

2. In the "Pay to the order of" write your full legal name.

3. Write in the date (remember, you should be writing it within 24 hours of the new moon.

4. Think of the amount of money you would like to manifest. Put that in the "amount" box. Some people say do not put anything in front of the money amount as it may block the abundance. Shy away from an amount that is totally out of this world as that may block you from receiving it, make it abundant and attainable. Every month, your manifesting abilities will be more sure and confident, and your abundance will grow!

5. Write out the amount in the "pay exactly" area. This is really where you do not want to put anything (lines/squiggles, anything) in front of the words on this line. That is an abundance blocker. Lines behind your abundance dollars is "ok". 6. In the memo line, you can write such things as "above and beyond expected income", "paid in full", or other things like that.

7. Sign the check "Law of Abundance".

8. Energize your New Moon Check of Abundance. Take the completed check in your hand, and visualize that coming to you. Visualize the gratitude and feelings you recieve as this abundance comes to you. Beathe deeply, allow the joy and happiness to fill your soul. Really put yourself in that situation. You may also take your check and visualize a whilte light surrounding your check, energizing it, taking away all negative energy and thought.

9. Put your check away. Put it away so you will not see it (mine is in my dresser) or think about that check! You have written the check already, your manifesting abundance and your intentions are already set. Let your intentions work with the Universe

10. Repeat on the new moon of every month!

Keep the faith if you feel it has not worked for you. Take a look at the month previous if you have not manifested what you had written. What is blocking that abundance from entering your life? Re-evaluate and write yourself another check during the next new moon. The possibilities are endless!

Phases of the moon through 2015 (Thank you Navy for the link).

Now go do it. Manifest your Abundance!

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